Sunday, June 29, 2008

May Ann Licudine

A treat for the eyes! May Ann Licudine from the Philippines creates BEAUTIFUL images and is very open about her love for and inspiration by Winsor McCay. Her site has several tributes...


Mall said...

oh my gosh! awww, you surprised me! thank you very much for featuring me and my art! I'm the biggest fan of Winsor McCay! :D

I already had an idea for making a full comic (another tribute for Winsor again) before. But I don't have time 'coz of my commissions. When I'm free, I'll definitely make one! Can't waaiiiittttttt...!!!

Thanks a lot, morpheus!!! I'll keep visiting your blog! :D

Anonymous said...

She does amazing artwork. I've always admired her talent.

-Zane of ontario honey