Thursday, November 1, 2007

So Many Splendid Sundays

At the first meeting we had to discus possible steps to re-introduce the Spring Lake community to Winsor McCay, I did my best to impress upon the librarians present that they HAD to get "So Many Splendid Sundays." It's a pricey enough book that I knew I personally would never own it. But I thought perhaps I could convince the library of its importance.

They listened.

They purchased.

It came.

It is a thing of beauty. To approach the book is like being in the presence of a giant bowl of candy that you could never possibly finish in one sitting.

The book measures 16x22 inches and consists of original-size reproductions of 110 of the best "Little Nemo in Slumberland" Sunday comics, lovingly reproduced by Peter Maresca. I had first learned of this book online after its initial printing had already been quickly snatched up. Then when I went to Book Expo last year, I stumbled across the Re-print. I didn't know it even existed. I gasped and approached the table in wonder. "I've read so much about this..." I whispered. The booth-worker eyed me suspiciously. "I never thought I'd see one." The booth-worker hovered closer, obviously very protective of this display copy. I sensed that I should ask permission first if I planned to flip through it. She granted, but with a hint of disapproval. I flipped through quickly, not able to let my brain soak everything in. I walked away wondering if I could somehow sneak back in disguise so I could flip through it again.

As soon as I heard our library was interested in McCay, I made sure they knew about this book. It's a book that Every library system should have access to -- but especially the library in McCay's hometown.

Spring Lake District Library has their copy proudly out on display, and I encourage all you locals to take a look. If I'm around, I'll do my best not to protectively hover too closely.

You can check out reviews and see sample pages at Sunday Press