Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meeting and Reports

Two articles reporting on our last Winsor McCay meeting:

The Hollannd Sentinel: Spring Lake begins planning to honor pioneering animator
Some article highlights:
Although there was no formal vote, Winsor McCay committee members meeting at the Spring Lake District Library on Friday agreed to a first-step sequence of honoring the legendary cartoonist perhaps during a film festival and display case during Heritage Festival.

"I'm only speaking for myself but I think our Heritage Festival Committee would have no problem with this," [Heritage Festival President Dave] Hamather said. "We would welcome this. We take pride in honoring this community and its residents."
And The Muskegon Chronicle: Animation pioneer coming to local screens
Article highlight:
Members of a committee considering ways to honor McCay and his work are trying to tie the animator in with Spring Lake Village's Heritage Festival and possibly the Muskegon Film Festival. If the group is successful, both events could show some of McCay's most famous animated films.

Mat Moore, president of the Muskegon Film Festival, which runs this year from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2, told the committee Friday his organization would be willing to include McCay's works at future festivals.

The next Winsor McCay Honor Planning Commitee meeting (boy - we need to get some sort of name!) is scheduled for March 14 at 4:00 at the Spring Lake District Library. All are welcome to attend!

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