Monday, January 28, 2008

A Conversation with Robert Winsor McCay !

Here's a report, exclusive to Meeting McCay! But first, let's peek at the McCay family tree because it could get a bit confusing...

Winsor McCay had a son named Robert.
Robert had a son named Winsor Robert McCay.
Winsor Robert McCay had a son named Robert Winsor McCay.

So... it goes Winsor/Robert/Winsor/Robert. Got it? Now here's that exclusive report!

Robert Winsor McCay, the great grandson of artist Winsor McCay, is enthusiastic about what might become a memorial park in Spring Lake, Michigan, honoring his famous relative. "I could see myself stopping by to pay a visit," he said.

Robert's father, 79-year-old Winsor Robert McCay, was the grandson of the legendary cartoonist, and according to his son, has vague memories him. "He was about 6 when Winsor McCay died, but he has some small stories."

Great grandson Robert said artistic talent has crossed generations of McCays. "My daughter is the one who's got the talent in my (immediate) family." He also said, on occasion, his name draws attention. "I've been asked if I am related to Winsor McCay."

Original Winsor McCay comic artwork, descendent photographs with Walt Disney, and much more exist in the McCay family archives. There is hope that some of these items could be put on loan for a prospective Winsor McCay historical display of work at the Spring Lake District Library.

"Grandma saved everything," Robert said, hinting she was the keeper of the family history until she passed away 7 years ago. "Now all that is in dad's possession."

According to Robert, he and his father, Winsor, will be attending the Annie Awards in a few weeks. "We'll meet with John Canemaker, who is this year's recipient of the Winsor McCay Award." Canemaker is also credited with authoring the definative book on the comic and animation career of Winsor McCay.


Anonymous said...

I wish you interview the creator of dragon ball. Akira. That would be very cool.

-Zane of ontario honey

Frank98 said...

Wonderful interview! Thank you so much for sharing! You're a strong, wonderful person! Thank you so much for what you're doing! Keep it up and NEVER GIVE UP!