Saturday, May 31, 2008


A few years ago I had the privilege of attending both BookExpo and ToyFair. I forget at which of these events it was that I discovered the company Eeboo, but I quickly decided they had the coolest product ever. Their catalog was full of sweet domino packs and card games and growth charts, all with art from amazing illustrators and designers like Chris Raschka, Dan Yaccarino, and Ross MacDonald. Their products come straight out of an artist's dreamworld.

My admiration was further multiplied when, years later, I came across amazing Little Nemo themed art supplies, and upon checking the manufacturer, saw the Eeboo brand once again. Yes, they have great taste.

Check out these amazing products! They're just a sampling. Be sure to hunt around Eeboo's site... they've got even more McCay product there.

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