Tuesday, June 30, 2009

native son

Here's the letter from Winsor Robert McCay (great-grandson of artist Winsor McCay) that Kevin Collier read at the historical marker's unveiling:
Dear Mr. Collier and the Spring Lake Heritage Festival Committee,

On behalf of the McCay Family, I would like to take this opportunity to commend your organization and thank-you for honoring Winsor McCay at the McCay Day festivities. Our family would like to express their gratitude and are pleased that your organization has chosen to recognize Winsor McCay for his outstanding talents with this historical marker. It is fitting that you have chosen to honor him as a native son of Spring Lake. We know that this tribute will provide further inspiration and joy to future artists and fans worldwide.

His artistic genius and unique imagination were revealed at a young age in the village of Spring Lake. The foundation for this impressive ability as a master of both the comic strip and the animated cartoon is being recognized here today due to the hard work and determination of many of you. The dedication of this historical marker will remind us all to never stop dreaming or forget our childhood fantasies.

We regret that the family is unable to attend the festivities, but we look forward to visiting Spring Lake in the future. Again, thank-you for this wonderful tribute.

Best regards,
Winsor R. McCay


Bob Campbell said...

Congratulations on your continuing celebration of Winsor McCay's legacy! We thought you might enjoy our article on McCay's incredible contributions to the history of animation, as posted on our Bijou Blog: http://matineeatthebijou.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name's Jory M. Stultz. I am a huge fan of Mccay's and infact, am writing a feature length film based on his wonderous life and of course his brilliant accomplishments as an artist. I was wondering where you attained this information from the Mccay family. I would like to make this screenplay as accurate as possible to Winsor's life, and portray him the best possible. I think interveiwing any surviving relatives would be key. If you could please let me know how you were able to contact them it would be immensely appreciated. Thanks so much.


Jory M. Stultz
e-mail: particleman.x31@gmail.com

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful blog. I'd like to get in contact with the author of the blog concerning Windsor McCay's works that were adapted for the stage.

Thanks so much,

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if you're aware of yet ANOTHER notable Spring Lake resident: advertising pioneer Claude C. Hopkins. Early in the 20th century, Hopkins was the world's greatest ad man, making an astronomical $180,000 per year while establishing principles still followed to this day. Read his books "Scientific Advertising" and "My Life in Advertising," and you'll see just how important he considered his rural upbringing. Later he had a showcase home in the area.

Kristian9K said...

I would like to hear of you might be interested in submitting an article for a comics/animation fanzine?

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Kristian Nordestgaard

IKOFX said...

No 1 in Googgle Winsor McCayle amazing

Anonymous said...

Bet this blog gets a big spike in traffic today :)

Jim Thompson said...

So nice to find this page. I live in MI but hadn't been to Spring Lake until several years ago when I was in the area while attending the magicians' convention in Colon. With so many creative talents being from MI, it's important to remember their contributions. Ironically. J.R. Bray was also from MI.All the best to you!

zohaib anwer said...

keep it up

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