Saturday, June 13, 2009


A nice article about the upcoming Winsor McCay historical marker dedication appeared in the Grand Haven Tribune. Here are some excerpts:
"Winsor McCay is one of the many little-known Michiganians who have had a lasting impact on our state and our nation," said Michigan Historical Center Director Sandra Clark. "His pioneering work in animation is part of our state's historic and modern leadership in the field of design."

Mark Miller, chairman of the Spring Lake Heritage Festival and a local Winsor McCay committee, said he's been waiting for this day.

"Every community looks for that certain thing that really helps it stand out," Miller said. "Winsor McCay is just that. He grew up here. He's famous to this day. When he drew the SS Alpena sinking on the Union School chalkboard, that really kicked off his career. That ship sank in Lake Michigan in 1880."

Miller said the Michigan Historical Center found the McCay connection so fascinating that they sped up the historical marker dedication.

"They bumped it up so we could have it here for Winsor McCay Day," he said.

You can read the full article here: Winsor McCay Day celebrated Tuesday in Spring Lake

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