Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What the...

I stumbled across this and hesitate even to post it... It's some kind of production called "Gertie the Dinosaur Tales." I would love to believe it's some bad, bad Onion joke, except there's the problem of the elaborate website. The character designs are just terrible! And listen to this horrific synopsis!
An original time travel adventure about a 10 year old, Sept. 11 orphan and his dog who find an ancient, magic trunk and travel through it to a fantastic colorful cartoon universe and to 1914 New York City and Chicago. Walt finds friendship and learns to love while apprenticing widower, Winsor McCay, and the real Gertie the Dinosaur. Mr. Michael the vaudeville theater magnate threatens to take Winsor's home and films for being behind in loan payments. He steals Winsor's animated film in hopes to learn his animation secrets and become the king of cartoons. Gertie's funny animated sidekick Moe Skeeto throws great punchlines. Winsor finds love again with both Walt and Maude, his smart, beautiful, modern sister-in-law who is the spitting image of his late wife.

What the heck?!

I'm all for tributes to McCay, but this... this seems very, very wrong. Widower? Sister-in-law love? 9-11 orphan? Hopefully this goes away...

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