Thursday, June 19, 2008

Celebrity Pop Star

The Grand Haven Tribune had a nice article about McCay Day. Below are some excerpts I found very cool -- apparently our efforts to get McCay recognized in Spring Lake are working! Had no idea a second grade teacher was onboard and introducing kids to McCay! Read on:
More than 50 youngsters gathered Tuesday morning at Spring Lake District Library for the cartooning workshop, which featured McCay history and art lessons by longtime McCay fan and Tribune graphic artist Kevin Collier.

Children who were not involved in the standing-room-only event stumbled upon the library's McCay display and books as if he was a celebrity pop star.

"Winsor McCay is awesome," said Gray, 8, who will be a third-grader next year. "Our teacher taught us about him. I know all about "Gertie." I like how he makes his pictures pop out. He's a really great artist."

Rachel said she couldn't wait until the McCay books are off the library's display and available for checking out. "I looked at the author (on display) and said, 'Oh, my gosh, this is Winsor McCay stuff,'" she said. "We learned about him in school."

"I've waited 18 years for this," said Collier, who joined a local Winsor McCay recognition committee about a year ago and has been teaching cartooning in schools for almost three decades. "It's nice to see the recognition for Winsor McCay. I've been telling the story over and over again. He was raised right here."
You can read the whole article here: SL Heritage Festival kicks off by honoring animation pioneer

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