Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Grand Haven Tribune Article

Wow! Things are moving fast! The Tribune ran an article today about the discussion that has started about publicly recognizing McCay here in the community.

Here are some excerpts:
"Village Council is preparing to give the artist his due by considering an historic monument between Spring Lake Township Hall and the Spring Lake District Library to honor Winsor McCay, who attended Union School, the first "graded" school that stood on that site in the 1800s.

Councilwoman Linda Albonico suggested the village consider an annual animation film festival to draw tourists and honor McCay. Councilman Mark Miller said McCay's legacy is a source of pride for Spring Lake. 'I think this (monument) is an incredible thing to pursue for the village,' Miller said."
I'd point out that technically McCay birthed "Character Animation." But the prospects are still exciting! Read the whole article here: Monument would illustrate village as 'birthplace of animation'

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